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Sameer Malhotra


Sameer Malhotra is a Physician Executive, Informatician, Internist, educator, researcher with over 15 years of experience in the field of Biomedical Informatics and Hospital Medicine. He led operational IT projects in a Physician Executive role for the past 11 years in an Academic Medical Center, with transformative work pertaining to clinical terminology systems, interoperability, clinical decision support, genomics, patient safety, healthcare cost, analytics and quality.

Malhotra channels his Clinical Informatics work in to various operational, innovation, educational and health IT advisory roles. He is committed to this composite field of medicine, technology and innovation; and abides by the principle that at its core- Medicine is a data science; and Information management, interoperability and transformative thinking are vital for health care. Using Clinical Informatics applications, we can leverage the plethora of new and historical clinical and biophysical data to make broad and paramount effects on people in sickness or health. Malhotra is cautious of technology being the barrier between Doctor-Patient relationships or being a cause of disparity by unwittingly contributing to the digital health divide.