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A New Paradigm for Neurological Examination

A Remote Way to Evaluate Your Patients Brain Health

With the help of gaze tracking and artificial intelligence

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→ Evidence scarcity hampers efficacy proof.
→ Lack of standardization causes inconsistent outcomes.
→ Reliance on subjective measurements creates bias.
→ High costs and insurance exclusions limit accessibility.
→ Long-term effectiveness of treatments remains uncertain.
→ Risk of overdiagnosis due to broad symptom interpretation.

With the average age of our population only increasing, neurologists need a fast and remote option to evaluate their patients overall brain health.

Early detection is crucial for effective treatment of many neurological issues. Sadly, a lot of neurotechnology is inaccessible, expensive, and slow, reducing the chances of early detection.

Vytal's development of a rapid, remote brain health evaluation tool using gaze tracking could significantly address some of the current challenges in functional neurology. Primarily, such a tool could provide a standardized measure of brain health. This would directly address the problem of lack of standardization in functional neurology, providing a uniform tool for the assessment of patients. It would offer a reliable way to compare patient outcomes across different practices and over time, bringing much-needed consistency.

In terms of scientific validity, the remote brain health evaluation tool could also help strengthen the field's research base. By using an objective, easily replicated measure of brain health, researchers could conduct more rigorous studies of functional neurology treatments. This could lead to a greater volume of high-quality, peer-reviewed research supporting the effectiveness of functional neurology, countering the current criticism of limited scientific evidence.

By making the tool remotely accessible and easy to use, Vytal could potentially help reduce the cost and increase the accessibility of functional neurology. Currently, functional neurology treatments can be expensive and difficult to access, especially for those without insurance coverage. If patients can conduct initial assessments using their own laptops, they can save both time and resources, making the treatments more attainable and affordable for a wider population. This development could be a significant step toward making functional neurology more mainstream and accessible.

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